What is The Melillo Method™?

Melillo Method

If you’ve been exploring the Neurofit website or have already attended an appointment with us, you may have heard mention of The Melillo Method. That’s because we base many of our treatment approaches on it. So, what is The Melillo Method? And how could it help you? 

What is The Melillo Method™?

The Melillo Method is a treatment model developed by Dr Robert Melillo to address various developmental and neurological conditions in children, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and learning disabilities. 

As Dr Melillo explains

The Melillo Method™ is used to identify brain imbalances and treat many symptoms of mental, attention, behavioural, and learning disorders. This revolutionary approach is paired with diet and nutritional counselling and lifestyle modification to help promote brain and body balance, correcting the underlying problems common to the entire spectrum of seemingly disparate childhood or adult neurological dysfunctions.

The Melillo Method is based on the principle of functional neurology, which focuses on the interconnection between the brain and body. A functional disconnection – or a brain imbalance – occurs when there’s a breakdown in connection, communication or integration between the two sides of the brain. 

Often this is because the brain has developed unevenly. One side has matured more quickly than the other, making it hard for the two sides to work in partnership. If the left side is stronger than the right, for example, you may experience symptoms such as obsessive, compulsive or hyperactive behaviour. 

Improving brain balance and integration can therefore help to improve symptoms of conditions such as ADHD. And the way to improve brain balance and integration is to harness the power of brain plasticity. 

Brain plasticity and The Melillo Method™

The Melillo Method operates on the idea that the brain is plastic, meaning it can be trained and retrained to improve its function. 

As one neuroscientist explains,

…the key to developing new connections is environmental enrichment that relies on sensory (visual, auditory, tactile, smell) and motor stimuli. The more sensory and motor stimulation a person receives, the more likely they will be to recover from brain trauma. For example, some of the types of sensory stimulation used to treat stroke patients include training in virtual environments, music therapy and mentally practising physical movements.

Motor and sensory stimulation – that’s what The Melillo Method™ prescribes. 

The method includes a combination of physical exercises, sensory stimulation, and cognitive training to target the underlying neurological issues that can lead to developmental and behavioural disorders. It is a non-invasive and drug-free approach that seeks to address the underlying causes of these conditions as well as improve the symptoms.

Stages of The Melillo Method™

The first step in The Melillo Method is to identify the specific areas of the brain that are not functioning properly. This is achieved through a comprehensive neurological evaluation, which may include a combination of neurological testing, imaging studies, and behavioural assessments.

Once the specific areas of the brain that require attention have been identified, The Melillo Method employs a variety of exercises and activities to improve their function. These may include balance and coordination exercises, eye movement exercises, sensory integration activities, and cognitive training exercises.

The method also emphasises the importance of nutrition and lifestyle changes to support optimal brain function. This may include recommendations for a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep.

Practising The Melillo Method™ at Neurofit Brain Centre

Neurofit Brain Centre’s staff are all trained in The Melillo Method. Once we’ve conducted an initial assessment, we prescribe a treatment program to address brain imbalances using a number of brain-based therapies designed to stimulate the chosen area of the brain. Often, we’ll use several of these at once (co-activation) giving your brain the maximum opportunity to form new neural pathways and strengthen itself. 

Our treatments include: 

  • Primitive reflexes integration
  • Digital therapy (NeurosageTM)
  • Laser therapy
  • Interactive metronome
  • Optomotor therapy
  • Balance tracking training
  • Acoustic therapy
  • Transcranial stimulation therapy
  • Colour and light therapy
  • Sensory and motor therapy
  • Exercise therapy.

Overall, The Melillo Method is an innovative approach to addressing developmental and neurological conditions. Using a combination of physical exercises, sensory stimulation and cognitive training, it supports optimal brain function with the aim of improving quality of life. 

If you’d like to see how brain-based treatment using The Melillo Method could help you or your child, please book an appointment


All information is general and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Neurofit Brain Centre can consult with you to confirm if a particular treatment approach is right for you.