Laser therapy for
kids and adults

Photobiomodulation therapy uses lasers to stimulate targeted areas of the brain. It offers a non-invasive way to treat many neurodevelopmental, neurobehavioural or neurodegenerative disorders.

From DC’s Superman to X-Men’s Cyclops, we associate lasers with superheroes.
But they have many other uses – in manufacturing, retail and medicine.

How does laser therapy work?

Light can be powerful. There are many physical processes where light induces chemical reactions, including:

Optomotor Therapy


light interacts with photosensitive cells in your retinas, which convert the light energy into electrical signals that are transmitted to the visual processing areas of your brain

laser therapy

Vitamin D synthesis

when you’re in the sunshine, ultraviolet B light strikes your skin causing a reaction that converts a form of cholesterol to vitamin D3, which helps your body absorb calcium

Photobiomodulation therapy is the therapeutic application of light to produce energy in cells.

What’s it like to have laser therapy?

You come into the clinic and sit in a comfy chair wearing a special cap or headband with clusters of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) at specific locations to target the chosen areas of your brain.

Laser therapy in Neurofit Brain Centre

What conditions can laser therapy help with?

Help to heal, stimulate and protect damaged tissues
Stress and depression
Sleep disturbances
Traumatic brain injury
Executive function and memory
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Bipolar disorder
Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease

Working memory and laser therapy

There are countless differences between a child with ADHD and a senior with Alzheimer’s – age, life experience, interests and many other factors. But there’s at least one thing they have in common – difficulties with working memory.

We rely on working memory for many aspects of daily life, including:

Light therapy offers a non-invasive way to enhance working memory, which may make many aspects of life run more smoothly.

85% of children with ADHD have difficulties with working memory, which is linked to inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity

Early studies show that light therapy can improve cognitive function and working memory in dementia patients.

Neurofit Brain Centre

Laser therapy at Neurofit Brain Centre

At Neurofit Brain Centre, we use many evidence-based therapies designed to stimulate the chosen area of the brain. Often, we’ll use several of these at once (co-activation) giving your brain the maximum opportunity to form new neural pathways and strengthen itself.

After a thorough assessment, we’ll recommend a program of treatment that may include laser therapy, which may help retrain your brain and relieve some of the symptoms that trouble you.