Digital therapy for kids and adults

Therapy should be fun, don’t you think? We do. That’s one of the reasons why we use digital therapies like video games to stimulate your brain.

A different kind of screen time

It’s now reasonably well-established that too much screen time can be problematic for both adults and children.

So, it might seem surprising to find us recommending a computer game as a form of therapy. Why do we do that?

Because not all screen time is created equal. There’s a big difference between wasting hours online and doing something purposeful, like brain training.

screen time

What is digital therapy?

Digital therapy uses carefully designed video games to target areas of the brain.

Optomotor Therapy

Visual system

Acoustic therapy

Acoustic system

Vestibular system

Vestibular system

The goal is to improve brain-body connectivity by enabling the two sides of the brain to communicate more efficiently and work in harmony.

Introducing Neurosage (SNA Biotech)

Neurosage is a computer software application that uses carefully created video games to improve brain and body connectivity. 

Neurosage is designed to stimulate the brain through sight, sound and movement. It helps the left and right brain to work together more smoothly as a ‘whole system’.

Helping the brain function as a whole system

Involuntary movements

Helping the brain function as a whole system

Focus & attention
Reaction time
Developmental issues

What’s it like?

The Neurosage platform includes:

Your Neurofit therapist selects a Neurosage game and inputs settings that will stimulate the chosen areas of your brain.  To use Neurosage, you stand on the vibeplate wearing the VR headset and the headphones and holding the controller. 

Then the fun starts! 

If only all therapy could be this enjoyable.

Who might benefit from using Neurosage?

Neurosage has a wide variety of clinical uses. It may benefit children and adults with a number of common neurodevelopmental, neurobehavioural and neurodegenerative disorders.
Traumatic brain injury & stroke
Parkinson’s disease
Balance difficulties

VR therapy at Neurofit Brain Centre

At Neurofit Brain Centre, we believe that brain activity makes an active difference. Our program delivers targeted brain-based therapies to improve focus, function and friendships.

The brain is truly amazing in its capacity for continual adaptation – a process known as neuroplasticity.

The brain works best when both its hemispheres (sides) are active, equal partners. Strengthening the weaker side can restore left-right brain balance to help make daily life easier and more enjoyable.

Your initial consultation and assessment will include:

Based on those findings, we develop a personalised therapy program that will stimulate any injured or underdeveloped areas of your brain.

Often, we use several treatments at once – a bit of a bootcamp for your brain. One of those treatments might be digital therapy with Neurosage.