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Your amazing brain works best when both its hemispheres (sides) are active, equal partners. Strengthening the weaker side can restore left-right brain balance and make daily life easier and more enjoyable. Our program delivers targeted brain-based therapies to improve focus, function and friendships. 

Disclaimer: We do not diagnose ADHD and do not prescribe medication for any of our treatments.

Harnessing brain activity to achieve balance

Your brain controls everything you do.

Its two halves (hemispheres) each have different responsibilities but they’re meant to work closely together to help you live well.

That doesn’t always happen though. One side of your brain may be weaker than the other, either because it has sustained an injury or developed more slowly. The stronger side expresses itself more often while the weaker half of your brain is sidelined.

This brain imbalance lies behind many neurological conditions. We aim to identify areas of the brain that are underdeveloped, under-regulated or under-integrated then provide specific, targeted activities to improve function.

Who do we help?

Kids with neurodevelopmental conditions or neurodiversity
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Kids with neurodevelopmental conditions or neurodiversity

Support for people with neuro degenerative conditions
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People with neurodegenerative conditions

Support for people with brain-based conditions
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Want to improve your focus and function?

A fresh and engaging approach to therapy

Forget dull, repetitive rehab programs conducted in cold, clinical settings. Our therapies feel more like having fun at a video arcade.

Our program

Thorough neurological assessment
Precise, personalised program
Co-activation – combining different stimulation strategies to maximise effect
In-clinic program reinforced by home exercises
Cutting-edge technologies
Objective pre and post program measurements

Does the Brain Balance Program work?

At Neurofit Brain Centre, we’re strong believers in evidence-based practice.

Brain Balance® is a US program that is very similar to Neurofit’s program in Australia. Brain Balance’s program was recently studied by researchers at McLean Hospital and the world-leading Harvard University.

They found primitive reflex integration, brain-balance exercises and the interactive Metronome program (one of the therapies we use) was as effective as low-dose ADHD medication.

Marked reduction in total ADHD scores as rated by both parents and clinicians.

Children were less impulsive, more focused, better at social interactions, less prone to tantrums and more skilled in social interactions.
Lab testing also demonstrated they were better able to sit still and pay attention.

Lab testing also demonstrated they were better able to sit still and pay attention.

Another study published in the Journal of Mental Health and Clinical Psychology suggested that the Brain Balance Program was an effective, non-drug option for reducing and improving emotional and developmental challenges associated with anxiety, ADHD or autism.

After 5-6 months in the program, parents reported their children showed:

40% improvement in behaviour and anxiety

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50% improvement in emotional functioning, ability to retain academic information and social confidence

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60% improvement in overall happiness

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